Framing Your Art Prints

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Framing Your Art Prints

Framing Your Art Prints 

 Selecting the right frame and mat will greatly enhance the overall look of the art work and complement the decor of your room.

there are a couple of reasons for framing your art piece. firstly, it prevents the art work from dust and dirt ; it additionally prolongs and preserves the life of the art work, and prevents it from fading and sustaining harm over time. aesthetically, a frame additionally makes the art work look additional presentable, and helps to bring attention to the art work.

framing is particularly essential for reproduced prints and posters. when merely stuck on the wall while not any framing protection, the print can begin to tear on the edges and a few of the colour may additionally  fade out inside a brief era of time.

when selecting a frame, avoid choosing one that's identical color or tone because the wall the art work is to be hung on. for instance, don't use a white or pastel coloured frame for a white wall. realize a frame color that contrasts the colour of the wall. for instance, on a pastel coloured wall, a dark frame color, like brown or black can do nicely. in my opinion, black or brown are the foremost well liked selection colours for frames, other then generally metallic colours like silver and gold do nicely additionally, it all depends on the theme decor of your home. never pick a loud color like red or yellow because the frame color. in my expertise, these colours nearly continuously never look sensible as frames. unless you’re framing a picture of mickey mouse in your child’s playroom, avoid these colours just like the plaque.

on the opposite hand, additionally be careful to not pick a frame that takes attention removed from the art piece itself ! keep in mind, the artwork is the middle of attention, not the frame. realize a frame that compliments the art, not compete with it. in a veryny case, if you are still unsure, continuously consult a qualified interior designer, artist or a framing specialist for recommendation on the simplest selection of frames to use.

the planning of the frame ought to additionally match the encirclings, for instance, a frame with lots of intricate carvings might be pretty to seem at, other then might not be suited to the modern, modern home. such frames would do well in a very victorian styled decor. if you’re finding a frame for a modern interior, you ought to opt for one that’s easy and minimalist.

a framed art piece consists of many components, namely the art piece itself, the frame, the external glazed surface that's placed over the art work to safeguard it, and a mat. the frame itself is fairly straightforward. most of them are created of wood, though there are a few that are created of metal.

the clear protective glazing layer is created of either glass or acrylic. acrylic, additional commonly called plexiglas, is additional recommend attributable to its light-weight and that impact resistance. higher quality acrylics might supply enhanced features like non-glare and uv protection, therefore providing even larger protection for your art piece.

the mat is employed for two main reasons ; it serves as a support for the art work, to stop the art piece from being damaged through bending and folding. it additionally helps to form a separation layer between the art work and also the glazing in order that the glazing isn't directly “touching” the art piece, damaging it within the long run. most framed art items return with one mat layer, though you'll opt for to possess double, even triple mat layers. having triple mats would add additional depth to the art work.

when selecting a mat color, you may need to travel with a neutral color, like whites, cream, ivory, sandstone, pearl, grays and blacks. neutral mat colours not solely take a back seat to assist enhance and guide the viewer’s attention to the art work itself, it additionally will simply be fit into any room, while not seeming out of place.

as a general rule, opt for a color that's no lighter than the lightest color inside your art piece, no darker than the darkest and no brighter than the brightest. this manner the mat won't outshine the art work and steal the eye removed from it. light-weight coloured mats tend to create the image seem larger and your perception additional "open" or outward. dark coloured mats seem to flip your eye inward ; making a “tunneling” result and creating the image seem smaller then normal.

happy framing !

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