Top 10 Fitness Myths

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Top 10 Fitness Myths

Top 10 Fitness Myths

As we scour the online for the most effective content on a spread of topics, we’ll bring you distinct and out-of-the-ordinary perspectives on topics you care regarding in our high ten series of posts.

the olympics opening ceremonies begin this friday in london, that will commence quite 2 weeks of you sitting on the couch watching folks with the planet’s best bodies compete for the gold. reinvigorate your exercise regimen with stumbleupon thus you're feeling a minimum of somewhat up to par with these athletes, and keep the myths below in mind thus you are doingn’t veer off track :

myth #1 – you wish to hitch a gym to induce fit. not everybody could be a gym person, which’s perfectly ok. scan this lifehacker article to learn the way to get a full body workout with nothing however your body.

myth #2 – yoga is for everybody. yoga will yield nice results, however don’t assume you'll do each position. a few bodies simply aren’t built for yoga’s challenging poses.

myth #3 – you wish to drink a ton of water once you exercise. athletes may very well be additional in danger of overhydration than dehydration, says one study.

myth #4 – running terribly long distances is smart for your heart. perhaps it feels like everyone is up for a marathon currently, however keep in mind that extreme running will truly be bad for your heart and may be an excessive amount of of an honest issue.

myth #5 – you ought to eat throughout your workout. love those gu gels ? it doesn’t facilitate for workouts shorter than a handful hours, in keeping with a few specialists.

myth #6 – egg yolks are bad for you. been missing your fried eggs sunny facet up ? the fat in egg yolks facilitate to cut back ldl, or the bad cholesterol, and eating eggs won’t affect your cholesterol balance. however cholesterol will truly offer different health edges too, like brain repair, says one study. after all you ought to continually check together along with your doctor before changing your cholesterol intake if you've got a medical history or concern.

myth #7 – if girls raise serious weights, they’ll look too very similar to men. not true, since girls don’t have an equivalent level of testosterone as men.

myth #8 – you'll lose weight simply by exercising additional. specialists say that diet and exercise are each key to losing weight, though smart habits in one space will influence your behavior within the different.

myth #9 – drinking water will assist you lose weight. proof for the concept that drinking voluminous water flushes toxins from your body that keep you from being lean is slim. drinking water additionally doesn’t create you less hungry.

myth #10 – stretching before operating out is crucial. specialists are currently saying that stretching is additional vital post-workout than beforehand.

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